Pawel Kwasniewski

Back to Performapolis Zone 2, The First Day, October 1996

The Zone 2 festival was opened by Pawel Kwasniewski with his performance entitled Back to Performapolis consisting of three acts making up more than 45 minutes, all in all. The first was "I saw Paiwan-tsou" about the last autochthonous tribe living wildly in the high mountains of Taiwan. The second one "Singing for Mr. Miller" was dedicated to the greatest leading singer of the State Opera in Timisoara; the last performance entitled "Survival Lane" described a state, permanently blending the effort, the risk and the surprise act. In these performances the artist often made use of the "narration" in a tender naive vision, with sudden gestures, often full of an inexplicable mercilessness. One can obviously see this especially in the first performance relating about an imaginary voyage in Taiwan. On that occasion narrating about the struggle of the natives against the Chinese invaders, the artist intentionally self-inflicted a cut on his own hand to demonstrate the blood those people had sacrificed at that time.

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United Fuckers Navy, Zone 1, The First Day, May 1993 (with Aby space)